Join myglobalVillage FinTech workgroup at the CES 2020

FINTECH is a delegation that is part of the "TECH for Business" of myglobalVillage at CES 2020. The FinTech delegation organizes a walking TECH tour of key solutions and technologies.

Our team of Finance industry insiders will help you navigate your way through the latest technology trends that will have a lasting impact on your business. This walking interactive session covers the leading tech and trends of 2020. It is designed and curated specifically for IT and marketing executives, directors and technology specialists willing to capture how innovation will impact the way banks and insurance companies will drive new business models.

FinTech tour themes for 2020

The FinTech tour offers a focus on four important transformational drivers for the future of financial institutions including:

Response to customer needs: The digitalization of customer journeys becomes a significant benefit in revenues, cost reductions, and customer satisfaction. How will financial institutions shift from physical interactions to digital engagement? Optimization of costs: Because of the efficiencies of digital-only competition, how Intelligent Automation can be leveraged to enable Financial Institutions divesting from non-core operations? Also, what is the technology available to enable these organizations to reinvent their back-office processes and to replace aging infrastructure? Creation of new revenue streams: As the banking ecosystem expands beyond traditional banking services, what are the new products providing differentiated offerings and monetization opportunities? Development of security and compliance systems: With customer data becoming a ‘product’ for many financial institutions, the need for enhanced security and advanced insights (AI) is becoming a differentiator from both a compliance and customer trust perspective. How does this lead to reduced costs and potential business growth?

FinTech technologies include:

• Blockchain

• Hybrid Cloud

• Robotic Process Automation

• Augmented Reality

• Predictive Security

• Artificial Intelligence

• Smart Machines

• Quantum Computing

Attendees will receive:

2.5 hours tour of the expo show floor to visit 10 solution vendors, 45 min pre-tour briefing of the solutions and technologies, 30 min post-tour Q&A, all events and activities of the CES 2020, myglobalVillage activities, key FinTech trends and takeaways.This report provides you with a complete overview of the Fintech TECH tour as well as important trends impacting the industry in the year ahead.

Networking opportunities

FinTech tour participants benefit from unique networking activities beyond the TECHtour as part of the myglobalVillage 1500+ participants. They include startup pitch, cocktails with country delegates, and briefings from 17 other delegations in TECH for business, TECH for cities, TECH for life.

At myglobalVillage, don’t be just a visitor, become and actor!

Learn more about the myGlobalVillage offer, including curated trade show paths organized under the categories of tech for life, tech for cities and tech for business.


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