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Vice-president (Industrial relations) of the French Obsolescence Institute, Supply-Chain Manager - French Obsolescence Institute


Doctor CentralSupelec, in science and industrial technology and MBA in economic intelligence from the EGE. Worked in the industry for 18 years. Expert in obsolescence engineering, within the Valeo group. 

His area of ​​expertise is industrial resilience and the integration of innovation in coordination with life cycle management. On the associative side, Kevin is a young auditor at the IHEDN, founding member and vice-president of the French Institute of Obsolescence.

The French Institute of Obsolescence was born in January 2019. Its purpose is to promote any action around the theme: obsolescence and the reduction of sources of supply and rupture of materials , better known as DMSMS (diminishing of manufacturing sources and material shortage). 

The institute also responds to the need to bring together the community of experts and practitioners, in a knowledge sharing network, and to lead them to promote their thoughts and methods in France as abroad. The institute organizes and supports all types of academic and industrial events related to understanding, modeling and taking into account obsolescence in the activities of public sector companies, in France as well as internationally. The institute offers a consulting and training service related to obsolescence. 

The services, advice, published works may be the subject of remunerated economic activities for the exclusive benefit of the associations. (Commercial Code Article L442-7). The institute also has a scientific research unit, which can be associated with other structures, companies or public bodies, in France and abroad.