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NeoLedge's Elise offer offers communities the benefit of a high-performance Citizen Relationship Management solution. Along with the Elise City mobile application, which manages citizen requests according to the Open311 protocol, the community has scalable multichannel GRC available 24/24. Elise is also a complete content management offer: capture of multichannel flows, dematerialization, document management, business processes, case management, etc. business lines (dematerialization of invoices, management of HR processes and files, management of reference documents). The Elise Flow application is part of this process to offer elected officials and managers a user-friendly and intuitive interface allowing them to consult, annotate, dispatch and sign their documents, in a dematerialized way. . NeoLedge offers are available on-premises and in the cloud.


49 Strasbourg Boulevard
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Mongi ZIDI - Archimed
Mongi ZIDI 03 20 13 10 60

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Improve your multi-channel Citizen Relationship Management and your business processes, optimize your validation and signature processes via the Elise Flow touch application.

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