19 Smart Workgroups

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Discover, capture, analyze and share major trends that make our business sustainable, secured, profitable while identifying new business models.

Security & Defense

B. De Saint Sernin

CEO - Cercle de l'arbalète

Smart HR

V. Caltabellota

CEO - Yoomonkeez




K. Amroune

CEO - Farvest Group

Marcom Tech

C. Torchy

Le cercle - Marketing Client

Space Tech

J. Grandidier

CEO - Luxfactory

F. Mheir

CEO - FMCS Digital


Discover and assess the major trends and key innovations that are strongly impacting our health, food, wellness, leisure, and reshaping our every day lives.

Smart Health

N. Paris

CEO - Gislon

Food Tech

K. Elkobbi

Agent Double

Baby Tech

E. Depoorter

CEO - Family Service

Smart Beauty

C. Nouviaire

CEO - Agent Double


P.  Courtaban

CEO TV5 Monde

Smart Tourism

S. Lacour

International speaker


Scout for and reveal trends and innovations changing our cities, contributing to make them greener, safer, collaborative and citizen inclusive.


Smart Mobility

J. Steffanello

CEO - Flowbird

Constru Tech

G. Loizeau

Chairman - Reed exposition

Smart CIty

Y. Bourdin

CEO - La Coopérative

Smart Supply

F. Esnoult

CEO - Sprint Project