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Get the most out of CES20 

Get the most of the CES

Be an actor, not a visitor


Design your own experience based on your domain of interest and business objectives.


Make it your own show.


Stay focused. Don’t get overwhelmed!

Immersive & Transformative

Be an actor, not a visitor.

Take a stance.


Contribute. Receive. Give back and keep building.

You create  momentum that starts growing at the show and  extends after.


The global Village is where it starts!

Collaborative & international

Join a select community led by subject matter experts and initiate valuable business relationships with qualified peers, colleagues and investors.


Exchange ideas, spot trends, and accelerate  business!


Your horizon  just got larger.

It’s all there, at the Village.


Connect and create with the actors of the global economy! 


Every night we host informal networking events.


Crate lasting connections.


Vote for your favorite start-ups and make your vote matter!


Daily 7am: Morning pitch session by sector.

Audience?  200 super start-ups, investors and decision makers 

Daily 8.45am: Must see brief !

By the best start-ups, investors and decision makers in your sector of interest

7am: Pitch your story!

30 Start-Ups and investors from your Community 

Between 4.30pm - 6.00pm : Booth party

Each affiliated business partner meets with members of  myGlobalVillage for VIP networking sessions

Twice day 9.30am & 1.30pm: tinerary pick

Depending on your interest, head to Eurekapark and to the Convention Center.

myGlobalVillage afterwork: Networking, Award sessions and  « debriefing »

10 two minute ½ debriefs selected among 10 participating committees 

Innovation Opening Night

The must-attend gathering : over 2400 participants (1,500 businesses, 11 countries)

Choose your pass

Pack #1 


Why do it alone when you can join a Community that holds similar interests? We will help you navigate the Show and make the most of your time!

· Convention Center full access

· Concierge supervisory staff assistance

· Attend all myGlobalVillage events before and   after CES opening hours, 7AM to 9PM

· Curated tour of CES show floor

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Pack #2


Be an actor, not just a visitor. Ramp up your business and augment your vsibility!

Same as Pack #1    ->  

Plus VIP privileges during the Show:

· Priority on Curated tour selection, more tour   options to choose from.

· Contribute to myGlobalVillage daily                 highlights, AUGMENT your visibility by taking   an active role.

. After the show Workgroup Collaboration.

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Pack #3


You mean business. You require a fully customized experience and require 100% confidentiality!

Same as Pack #2  ->    

. Share your strategic goals with us,

  and we will curate a 100% 'you-centric'             experience of the show.

. After the show Workgroup Collaboration

-> bi-monthly  industry Workgroup Committee

-> Get access to our immersive Technology Showrooms

-> VIP ACCESS to 14 international  major international industry shows

          CONFIDENTIALITY is a given

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On Demand

Full access pass

CES convention center

jan 7 to 10

9AM to 5PM