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We really know how to activate Vendors, Buyers, Investors across all industries and countries, all in one place at strategic industry events. We create the necessary conditions for Regions, States, Companies, Startups to meet/think/collaborate to achieve stronger results faster. This is myglobalVillage!



1999: Marc Lionel Gatto founds MLG events in Paris, France, a consulting agency specialized in  disruptive trends, technology transfers, business events. 

2015, MLG specializes in immersive showrooms and invests in 49 tons of theatrical sets. 

2016, Launch of the first “mega-demonstrator”, an experiential technology-based showroom. 

2017, Opening of the first “French Village”, later on “Village Francophone” (2018): over 20 events across Europe, 30 regions/cities, +1,500 contributors.


2019: WAVE group and MLG meet at CES2019 and join forces  to create myglobalVillage to accelerate the deployment of MLG ‘s “mega-demonstrators” augmented shows across North America.

WAVE group  supports business acceleration and process transformations for international companies in N.A. (Clients include FinTech, BioTech, Big data, AI, Communication, Infrastructure, and Retail).


myglobalVILLAGE launches in Las Vegas at CES2020: over 25 Industries organized in 3 Communities with the support of +2, 500 contributors.


JOIN the top executives, industry innovators and tech visionaries who make myglobalVillage the one-of-a-kind place to do business differently and most effectively.



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Vincent Caltabellotta

Inventeur d'entreprises du 21ème siècle - Conférencier - CEO - Conseil - Formation

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